Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

There was a time, just a few years back, that content meant one thing and courses meant another thing.  Content was videos, PDFs, documents, media files (audio), images, anything and everything that was not a course.  And a course was a horse of course (funny, not).  Anyway, it was a course. But as we change – evolve in our space, content (the term) has too.  Nowadays, courses slide under content. We create our own content. We buy 3rd party content.  We outsource someone else to build our content. We surf the net to link and curate content.  We read content.  … Continue reading Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

Customer Training – Best Practices

If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you.  Whether you offer it for free as a benefit for them purchasing your product/service/membership, and so forth, or you charge them, attracting, attaining and growing the base is crucial. Not only that, but it will resolve and solve for that matter a lot of challenges, issues and even worries on the part of each and every one of them – i.e. your customer base. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer … Continue reading Customer Training – Best Practices

Informal, Formal – End 4 E-Learning

Some folks generate a level of enthusiasm when talking about days gone by.  And show it, via retro gaming, whereas folks buying NES and SNES 32 bit.  Sega is launching their days gone by console with Sonic Hedgehog.  Folks attend Renaissance fairs. Go to an autograph store and folks buy autographs of their “favorite players” back in the day. Perhaps you wish to travel back to another time, an easier time.  I would love to experience Victorian England, but only if I had money, because if I was poor, it was downright awful. Just the other day, in my adopted … Continue reading Informal, Formal – End 4 E-Learning

An open letter to Tony Bingham, CEO of ATD

Mr. Bingham, First off, this year’s ATD show was IMO the best I’ve been to, period.  The idea to exclude morning sessions on day one, and instead have folks go right to the expo, was a very smart move and one, I hope continues in 2019. That said, once again, ATD dropped the ball on something that affects 30 to 60 million Americans (National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse),  up to 75 percent of African Americans and American Indians and 90 percent of Asian Americans (National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse) – Lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance though is not just a problem only in … Continue reading An open letter to Tony Bingham, CEO of ATD

Who’s The Best: Learning System Tourney

Look around and you see folks trying to figure out who is better, who is the best.  Sports? Yep, it is achieved via playoffs.  Politics? Here in the states, it is called the primaries, then mid-terms (this year at least).   Books? Top 10 lists from publications such as the NY Times.  Land on that, and well, they say your book is a top seller, which infers one of the best. Sure, you can have upsets. And yes, you can have questionable winners, which doesn’t mean they are the best.  But, putting that aside, the whole idea of some type of … Continue reading Who’s The Best: Learning System Tourney

Looking for an LMS at #ATD2018

The show is nearly here. I’m talking about ATD’s International show and expo in San Diego.  It is the 75th year of ATD (not shows) and besides Obama speaking, I’ll be too (how exciting). My topic for those curious, deals with the after – you buy your LMS/Learning System. I promise to thrill, not dance, though – those days are gone. Anyway, if you are attending #ATD2018 and planning on hitting the expo floor looking for your next learning system (including LMS), it seems appropriate to offer some tips, to help you on your journey. These tips are “DO NOT … Continue reading Looking for an LMS at #ATD2018

The Rants – Marketing Buzz and ..

I was enjoying my day. The sea of Cortez appeared to sparkle as boats moved across her calmness. Then, it happened.  A hurricane? No.  A cruise ship allowing their customers to hurl bottles into the sea? No.  A press release from an LMS vendor that stated something not so accurate, but accurate enough. I admit I am hedging here trying the best way to say “yes, while parts of it is true, other parts are misleading,” because, it gives an impression of something – that anyone would think it. Course Marketplace as “System includes and or offers content” This is … Continue reading The Rants – Marketing Buzz and ..