Top 10 Learning Systems for 2018

I’m sitting here on my patio, with the sea of Cortez in my view. The sun is setting and the only thing on my mind right now, is the Top 10 learning systems for 2018.  That and the hawk that flew by and the stillness of the sea and… well, you get the picture. Now without further adieu #10 Cornerstone Learn –  Heyo!  Cornerstone breaks into the top ten for the first time, so congrats.  Big wins includes a course marketplace (some folks refer to it as a learning experience platform, but I’m not seeing that, since uh, a learning … Continue reading Top 10 Learning Systems for 2018

Learning Systems for 2018 (#25 to #16)

Here it begins.  Oh wait. Here it starts. Oh, whatever.  The debut. This year’s Top 50 learning systems for 2018 is now out, and we are doing it a bit different this year.  Before diving into the high analysis of #11-20, a bit about the rankings.  By the way, this post is long, so if you want to jump right into the listings, scroll further down. Criteria For understanding the criteria – please visit this post.   I incorporated many of the criteria angles for 2017 (i.e. comparison of a system that focuses on SMB vs another that is SMB, rather … Continue reading Learning Systems for 2018 (#25 to #16)