Trials – Learning Systems

After a multi-week business trip, I’m now back and ready to begin anew (i.e. weekly posts), so first off, thanks for your patience. We are all aware of trials.  Not the ones where you sit in a court room.  Nor the ones, where a med could improve your life. Nope, not those.  I’m referring to software trials, where you get to test out the product, before you buy.  The e-Learning industry as a whole are fans of trials, well, uh, most of the industry that is. Authoring tools? Trials.  Assessment tools? Trials.  Web Conferencing? Mixed.  Other e-learning tools? Trials. But … Continue reading Trials – Learning Systems

Types of Learning Systems

Let me ask you an honest question.  What is your personality type?  Are you a Type A?  Maybe a Type B?  I was once told by a CEO, that I was a Type A ultra even more so then her. I felt honored.  I should have asked for a raise.  The notion of types of personalities, aligns in some ways with types of systems, in that there is a lot of leeway in terms of what it actually means, with some folks saying this, when in fact it is that.  There is no better place to see this then our … Continue reading Types of Learning Systems

Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

Last week, I had a post on LinkedIn, whereas I noted by country and continent (not all) the best learning system.  Numerous readers contacted me and asked if I could post it on my blog, and if I had any additional countries, etc. – which the answer is a big yes.  Please be aware that I do not have every country listed. Reasons include that the country itself does not have a system based there, I am still reviewing multiple systems in that country or it is difficult to identify a system based on say, country challenges – an example … Continue reading Best Learning Systems by Country (2018)

FindAnLMS – The New Learning System Search Platform from Craig Weiss

September 6th, 2018.  Write it down. Mark it down.  September 6th, 2018. On that day in the morning – out here in LA,  launches.  A new type of search, find, assess, engage platform where buyers and all types of learning system providers can connect. Because it is more than the usual search directory for learning systems, I thought it would make sense to go in more depth on the platform, how it will work, who is in it (as of August 23rd), how to register (hold off until Sept. 6th, because we will be cleaning out the cache, prior … Continue reading FindAnLMS – The New Learning System Search Platform from Craig Weiss

Software Demo Tips: What Works? Ask an LMS Selection Consultant

If you subscribe to this blog, or listen to our podcasts, or attend our webinars, you probably think of Talented Learning as a free source of […] The post Software Demo Tips: What Works? Ask an LMS Selection Consultant appeared first on e-Learning Feeds. Powered by WPeMatico Continue reading Software Demo Tips: What Works? Ask an LMS Selection Consultant

NexGen Tier2 Learning Systems

A year ago I wrote about NexGen functionality in any learning system.  The reason behind it was simply that so many vendors pitch they are NexGen (often referring to it as Next Generation), when in fact, they are not.  It is similar to the pitch of Modern UI, even though I have seen some whose Modern UI is from 1995.  Netscape anyone?  As with any learntech and in this case functionality and approach, as time moves on, so should it – as in, moving forward.  Moving forward isn’t just mimicking what another platform is doing OR matching some commercial consumer … Continue reading NexGen Tier2 Learning Systems

Learning System Vendors Support Ratings

If you are like me, the importance of training should be paramount. Especially since each one of you (I surmise) are involved in some aspect of providing knowledge, whether it be as an educator, a trainer, L&D, training, HR if providing training, and so forth. And if you are like me, having outstanding support when it comes to your learning system should equally be of high importance. Yet in both cases, for the most part, the results on the part of learning systems in the past has been mixed. There has never been an accurate number of how many learning … Continue reading Learning System Vendors Support Ratings

Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

There was a time, just a few years back, that content meant one thing and courses meant another thing.  Content was videos, PDFs, documents, media files (audio), images, anything and everything that was not a course.  And a course was a horse of course (funny, not).  Anyway, it was a course. But as we change – evolve in our space, content (the term) has too.  Nowadays, courses slide under content. We create our own content. We buy 3rd party content.  We outsource someone else to build our content. We surf the net to link and curate content.  We read content.  … Continue reading Implement An Online Learning Content Strategy

Who’s The Best: Learning System Tourney

Look around and you see folks trying to figure out who is better, who is the best.  Sports? Yep, it is achieved via playoffs.  Politics? Here in the states, it is called the primaries, then mid-terms (this year at least).   Books? Top 10 lists from publications such as the NY Times.  Land on that, and well, they say your book is a top seller, which infers one of the best. Sure, you can have upsets. And yes, you can have questionable winners, which doesn’t mean they are the best.  But, putting that aside, the whole idea of some type of … Continue reading Who’s The Best: Learning System Tourney

What if…..? (E-Learning)

I’m a huge fan of history. Especially those “what if” scenarios that explore the other side of historical changes.  Most folks know the usual, “What if Germany had won WWII”, but lesser folks might ask what if “The colonies never broke away from England,” or what if “bazooka bubblegum created a taste profile that lasted more than thirty seconds.”  In this post, let’s take a look at “what if” scenarios, some which are likely to happen, some of which could, and some of which won’t even though perhaps it would actually be better. What IF e-learning platforms incorporate/use blockchain? You … Continue reading What if…..? (E-Learning)