I’ve been bamboozled in the past.  Tricked into thinking it is this, when it is that. It happened with a vendor that I was quite impressed with several months back.  They showed me some functionality.  Showed it via a “live customer.” Answered all the right answers.  Then, whammo!  A few weeks afterwards just by accident did I find out that no, it was not live, it was vapor. I’ve equally been zapped by products outside our space too.  Maybe it was the car salesperson telling you that your car comes with salfjlhb  only to find out that means nothing, but … Continue reading Bamboozled

Digital Learning – Define it

When I was a kid I loved playing the game “Jumble” which could be found in virtually every U.S. newspaper that had a comics page.  I normally smoked (i.e. did well) the first couple of jumbles and in many cases, only hit a roadblock on one of them or when trying to figure out the sentence for the whole thing. And yes, normally the results of the what they were seeking was usually dry and lame (no fun).  Sort of like F2F training! HA, I made a funny.  I cite “Jumble” here because in the land of online learning, we … Continue reading Digital Learning – Define it

Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

After attending numerous shows and hearing from numerous CLOs, regardless of the vertical, I repeatedly see and hear the same thing in regards to online learning (let alone immersive learning). Wait.   Traditional learning is still very effective.   We only provide compliance training to our employees.  Blended means F2F and e-learning.   We have to add e-learning, but its for our compliance training.  New employee training works best in person.  Those who have embraced e-learning, with embrace having an asterik involve, seem to buy into fear factor of age when it comes to purchasing their new learning tech like an LMS. Live … Continue reading Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

Apprenticeships – E-Learning, OJT or Immersive learning?

I am likely going to shock you.  Heck, I might even cause you to gasp.  You may have heard the recent announcement by the President of the U.S. on his apprenticeship program.  Equally you might have read from some e-learning sites that the best way to make these programs successful and/or establish a plus for the programs is via e-learning (online learning). I disagree.  (GASP) I see only one way to enhance and utilize the benefits of an apprenticeship, thru immersive learning (VR/AR/MR).  Apprenticeship programs promoted/pushed out by a government is not new.  The two that I thought of immediately … Continue reading Apprenticeships – E-Learning, OJT or Immersive learning?

Latest Positive Trends In E-Learning

How do we define brilliant?  Is it the product with the most amazing capabilities?   Is it how we think of ourselves when we figure out Snap Chat?  Or when we come to realize that our boss is a nincompoop and we should be running the entire company? These are the latest trends.  No, not your boss is an terrible human being (maybe they are).  Rather, the latest positive and wonderful trends in the industry.  Be happy! Vibe Trend LMS Space is exploding – in a good way. Perhaps you read a post on the LinkedIn wall, noting that the industry … Continue reading Latest Positive Trends In E-Learning