2018 Turkey Awards for E-Learning

I have the most important shirt of the past four decades.  The shirt that announced on that terrible day, the turkey drop of WKRP in Cincinnati.  Who can forget the live feed of Les describing the ill-fated promotion.   If you have forgotten, no worries – here it is   While Ben Franklin was turning over in his grave (he wanted the Turkey as our national bird), others were fleeing for their lives. I get it. Eating a turkey is one thing, watching its attempt to fly is another, but winning a turkey award is something entirely different.  Award Insight Winning … Continue reading 2018 Turkey Awards for E-Learning

WORSTs E-Learning 2017 Awards

Happy Holidays! Seriously, happy holidays to all.  Fun fact back in the 70’s I wrote to Santa and mailed me (mom did) and surprise, I received back a postcard with it stamped from the North Pole.  I have it still to this day.  What this has to do with this post you might ask? Nothing!  Anyway,  the awards for online learning and systems, etc. have been making their rounds these past few months, mine included (authoring tools), but what about the worst? Sure we see it in films (eh Kingsmen Golden Circle), but e-learning?  I say no more.  Ok, I … Continue reading WORSTs E-Learning 2017 Awards