Connect With Drug Channels at #Asembia18

In three weeks, Drug Channels Institute will hit Las Vegas for Asembia’s 2018 Specialty Pharmacy Summit. Here are three ways that you can interact with us in Las Vegas: 1) Learn how Drug Channels can help your business. Drug Channels reaches a large, diverse audience throughout the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We have an engaged and growing audience of more than 21,000 readers who regularly open, click, forward, and share our content. Drug Channels has an engagement rate that is more than twice that of the average media platform. To discover how you can reach our audience, you can speak … Continue reading Connect With Drug Channels at #Asembia18

Drug Channels Outlook: What to Watch in 2018

Hooray! We all made it through another 12 months. This year was stuffed with mega deals, political turmoil, the drug pricing blame game, generic market disruption, an ever-inflating gross-to-net bubble, and Amazon mania. Through it all, Drug Channels was there to help you figure it out. I’m pleased to report that we had another record year. Drug Channels now has more than 20,000 subscribers, including nearly 5,000 @DrugChannels Twitter followers. (Follow me there for daily updates.) Thank you, dear readers, for welcoming me into your inboxes and browsers each week. I’ve had a blast writing Drug Channels and also hope … Continue reading Drug Channels Outlook: What to Watch in 2018